Author: Edward Mitchell

Edward’s early years spent in New Zealand have given him a double perspective on how he views the UK: that of a native-born Brit, and as seen by a relative outsider. He takes a keen interest in the environment, and the UK’s social and economic history.

Brexit damage limitation: three examples that affect us all

Edward Mitchell

The UK and the EU are getting “closer and closer” to a Brexit trade deal, according to officials, though negotiations may continue until mid-November to avoid a no-deal. While idly channel surfing recently, I came across the last few minutes of a parliamentary select committee chaired by Hilary Benn. Giving evidence were Paul Everitt, chief executive at […]

Are small business owners prepared for a no-deal Brexit?

Edward Mitchell

Margaret Thatcher, surely the embodiment of Conservatism, grew up above her father’s tobacconists and grocery shop. As prime minister, she continued to live above the shop: 10 Downing Street. Throughout her time in charge of the country she demonstrated an astonishing mastery of detail. She was not exactly a consensus politician – unlike say, John […]