Author: David Goff

David is a satirical, political blogger and author of We Are Not The Bad Guys: A Story Of Power, Parrots & Refusing To Get Used To Stuff. David was born in west London and has gradually made his way to the Yorkshire Dales via Bath, Bristol, Manchester, Malaga, Hull and Northumberland. He has looked after parks, run shops, paid soldiers, taught children, made chocolate and only been sacked twice for not knowing when to keep his mouth shut.

Hey Serco, can we have our money back?

David Goff
track and trace serco

David Goff points out that vast amounts of money have been spent on a Track and Trace system which doesn’t even work, and was set up in the name of the NHS. Billions have been spent on an app which could have been spent on food parcels, surgical gowns and PPE. Can we have our money back?

Johnson’s music-hall act leaves his audience cold

David Goff

Kenneth Branagh is to play the prime minister in a sky drama, set during the pandemic. I’d hesitate to give such an outstanding Shakespearian notes, but he may wish to dust off his copy of Twelfth Night. In the steward Malvolio, he’ll find an arrogant character convinced that cavorting about in an oafish manner, preferably while wearing an outlandish outfit, will win him the approval he desperately seeks.

For the chancellor, charity begins at boarding school

David Goff

What’s your favourite charity? Oxfam? Amnesty International? Maybe you keep your spare change closer to home, helping out the Air Ambulance or the Big Issue seller. Either way, the financial accounts of Eton, Harrow or Yorkshire’s own Pocklington School are unlikely to be high on anyone’s list of deserving causes. Rattling a collection tin for […]