Author: Daphne Franks

Daphne is from Leeds originally, but now lives in Skipton and is very much enjoying the Yorkshire Dales. From a teaching background, she has taught communication skills and other non-clinical courses at Leeds Medical School and elsewhere for many years. Daphne’s primary interests are in health, social, political and environmental issues. She has spent the last four years campaigning against Predatory Marriage.

Liz Truss and “my comprehensive school”

Daphne Franks

Liz Truss claimed this week that at her comprehensive school in Leeds, she was taught more about racism and sexism than she was about English and maths. Daphne Franks, who also attended this school (as did her brother and her son) offers this response.

My trip … to the emergency department (and what I learned)

Daphne Franks
ambulance architecture building business

Red. Red blood. Red blood all over my hand. On the paving stones all around my left hand. Glasses? I lift my head slightly. Ah, smashed. Bones? I move a few limbs. Don’t seem to be broken. Good. A voice. Young woman. “Hello, my name’s Melissa and I’m a PCSO. I’ve called the ambulance. I’ve got your phone. Is there anyone else you’d like me […]

Masking the communication

Daphne Franks
crop man putting medical mask on face of ethnic child

When I explain that my job is teaching student doctors and other healthcare professionals to learn how to communicate with patients, there’s one response I often receive: “But surely that’s just common sense?” Frequently, and without awareness of any apparent contradiction, they immediately follow up the “common sense” remark with an anecdote about when some […]

A perfect storm for predatory marriage

Daphne Franks

In May, I wrote an article for Yorkshire Bylines about how my mother, age 91, was found after her death to be married. A man 24 years younger had married her secretly, five months earlier. Although she lived next door to us, none of her family or friends knew of the marriage. Even my mother […]

A Predatory Marriage

Daphne Franks

Three days after my mother’s death in March 2016, the phone rang. It was her GP. He sounded worried. “Daphne, did you know your mother was married? Because your mother’s man-friend’s here with a marriage certificate. It says they were married five months ago.” The shock hit me like a punch in the stomach. During […]