Author: Clarissa Leung

Clarissa is an aspiring undergraduate journalist from Hong Kong. As an international student, she is currently studying media and communications at the University of Leeds. Her areas of interest include politics, human rights, social movements and internet culture.

EU considering suing China over Hong Kong’s national security law

Clarissa Leung

The European parliament is considering taking legal action against China in the United Nations’ highest court – the International Court of Justice. This is in response to China’s decision to impose a national security law in Hong Kong and its position that the Sino-British Joint Declaration is an invalid ‘historic document’. A draft resolution on […]

The hypocrisy and incompetence of the US and China

Clarissa Leung

Government buildings and police stations set ablaze, multinational businesses wrecked with bricks, enraged protesters on the streets being tear-gassed and shot at by police officers. Are these the symptoms of the 2020 pandemic? I’m not talking about the coronavirus. I am referring to the contagion of incompetent, unfeeling governments who are ordering the deaths of people fighting for basic rights.

Trump launches Operation Warp Speed

Clarissa Leung

Fear “America first”, not Covid-19. “Don’t ask me, ask China” retorted the US President Donald Trump in a press conference on Monday after being challenged by Weijia Jiang, the Asian-American White House correspondent of CBS News, who questioned his “America leads the world in testing” statement and competitive approach to fighting Covid-19. In times of […]