Author: Brian McHugh

Brian has lived in North Yorkshire for over 10 years. He is very interested in climate related issues and has recently edited a climate book due for release later this year. Air pollution and chemical pollution are particular areas of interest for him.

Air pollution: more action is needed

Brian McHugh
Air pollution

Brian McHugh writes about the devastating impact air pollution has on people’s health, with research revealing it can lead to asthma, heart disease and strokes. A greater effort is needed to combat air pollution and climate change, and many students in Yorkshire have already begun campaigning for cleaner air.

Could the covid class of 2021 please stand up?

Brian McHugh
class of 2021

Brian McHugh writes about the impact of Covid-19 on the class of 2021; exams have been cancelled, grades are determined in a new way, and a huge burden has been placed on both students, parents and teachers, which will likely affect wellbeing and mental health.

Leeds Bradford Airport expansion: the economy or the environment?

Brian McHugh

Brian McHugh asks if now is the time to be expanding the Leeds-Bradford airport: “Net zero emissions needs to be changed to zero emissions. The time is coming for an ethical and legal re-think on fossil fuel expansion plans. No longer can we continue to build for a fossil fuel reliant future.”