Author: Barry White

Barry is a former trade union organiser who following his retirement became the national organiser for the media reform group the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF) which closed in 2018. He is currently a member of the CPBFNorth which continues campaigning for media reform, is an active member of the NUJ and is secretary to the Action on Climate Emergency Settle and area.

Media news roundup

Barry White
media roundup

Barry White presents a roundup of the latest media news, as media ownership becomes more concentrated, GB News prepares for launch, and more job losses are announced at the BBC.


Julian Assange trial and the impact on investigative journalism

Barry White

We need to keep the pressure up for Julian’s release, the US charges to be dropped and the right to report strengthened in the light of the judge’s ruling. Julian’s struggle is far from over and neither are the threats against investigative journalism highlighted in Vanessa Baraitser’s ruling.