Author: Anthony Robinson

Anthony was a sales engineer, now retired and living in North Yorkshire after a long career representing several European manufacturers in the UK. Seeing first hand how continental companies work and how they strive to become world-class businesses makes him fear for Britain's post-Brexit future. He is interested in politics, although not as an active party member, and enjoys reading, gardening and DIY.

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Rising tensions over the Irish Sea border

Anthony Robinson

As the practical impact of the bureaucracy and red tape agreed as part of the NI protocol become clear for businesses and citizens in the province, there are worrying signs of tensions rising between London and Brussels.

Sunak’s dilemma: finding enough red tape for a bonfire

Anthony Robinson

The chancellor is to head up a new ‘red tape challenge’ to uncover the elusive bureaucracy that the Tory party has convinced itself must be lurking somewhere in Whitehall. After Brexit, it will be a symbolic measure of how far Britain is prepared to diverge from EU rules.

Fishermen’s trade bodies accuse Johnson of lying to them

Anthony Robinson

Fishing trade organisations have accused Johnson of negotiating a “desperately poor” deal for them, misleading them by claiming the deal was a major success and essentially of telling lies about the new quotas. Tory MPs who were quick to offer support find themselves out on a limb.

Has Gove torpedoed the UK fishing industry?

Anthony Robinson

As fishermen accuse the government of betrayal and selling them out, Michael Gove’s words are about to come back to haunt him. In 2016, he accused the EU of being a “job destroying machine”. Four years on he has become an industry destroyer.

Brexit: coming to a store near you very soon?

Anthony Robinson

Even the Daily Mail has finally woken up to discover the reality of Brexit, warning that supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables are being squeezed by Brexit red tape at our ports. The Guardian reports one leading business figure figure describing the new rule book as a complete “shitshow”.

OK, we’ve left the EU, now show us the cake?

Anthony Robinson

Johnson has claimed his deal is from the patisserie shop but he seems to be finding it difficult to identify the cake we are going to have or how we will be able to eat it. There is still no indication of where Britain intends to diverge from EU rules.

2021: Brexit’s groundhog year

Anthony Robinson

The year is beginning as did the last one. A treaty signed and more EU negotiations ahead. This is Britain’s post-Brexit future as far ahead as we can see, as we learn to live alongside the world’s largest and richest single integrated market.

Brexit: the year-end review

Anthony Robinson

With suspicious timing, the government finally landed a free trade deal at the eleventh hour. Is it the freedom promised or has Boris Johnson negotiated Britain into a strait jacket and what will it mean for our future relationship with the EU?

Brexit, fish and the sovereignty chimera

Anthony Robinson

The battered Brexit can took another kicking down the road last night as Johnson and von der Leyen, instead of making decisions, agreed to order their negotiators to carry on talking. Unless Downing Street gets real and very soon, we could get a no deal Brexit by default.

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