Author: Anthony Robinson

Anthony was a sales engineer, now retired and living in North Yorkshire after a long career representing several European manufacturers in the UK. Seeing first hand how continental companies work and how they strive to become world-class businesses makes him fear for Britain's post-Brexit future. He is interested in politics, although not as an active party member, and enjoys reading, gardening and DIY.

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Johnson tightens his grip on power

Anthony Robinson
Voter suppression

The Queen’s speech yesterday continues the nation’s strange slide into authoritarian rule under a prime minister wearing the reassuringly crumpled outfit of a libertarian while ruthlessly tightening his grip on power.


Brexit: is it sustainable?

Anthony Robinson
Brexit sustainable

The nation remains divided over Brexit. Re-joining the EU is out of the question unless there is a significant majority in favour. But Brexit cannot be said to be ‘done’ until accepted by a significant majority. And how likely is that?

The “duping delight” of manipulator Johnson

Anthony Robinson
Boris Johnson Manipulator

Johnson’s trademark smirk is apparently known to psychologists as “duping delight” – the sheer joy of duping people, or in the prime minister’s case, entire nations, given away by an involuntary smirk, a “leaked expression of pleasure.”

Brexit 100

Brexit and trade, the story so far

Anthony Robinson
Brexit Trade

It is now abundantly clear that the massive overnight changes to trade terms, which industry only learned about with seven days to go and with inadequate guidance and woeful preparations, have been a disaster for Britain’s £700 billion a year trade with the EU.

Ignorance and complacency on the Irish border

Anthony Robinson
Theresa May

It is now clear that the massive constitutional, economic and political importance of the Irish border issue raised by Brexit and routinely dismissed at the time, were not appreciated at the highest level of government until as late as early 2018 and arguably not until the last few weeks.

Hapless DEFRA secretary Eustice humiliated and schooled by the EU

Anthony Robinson

The EU shellfish issue has further exposed the total incompetence of those who campaigned for Brexit and, having ‘taken back control’, now find themselves in positions of power. In what must surely rank as one of the most humiliating letters ever received by a UK government minister, DEFRA Secretary George Eustice has had to be […]