Author: Andrew Milroy

Andrew is a former teacher and for many years a non-fiction writer and researcher with numerous published articles and books. Living in the headquarters of one of the 25 barons elected to enforce Magna Carta, he is interested in local history, and how the Charter grew over the centuries to the global icon it is today. Andrew helped found and develop two global distance-running organisations and has experienced how effective and beneficial international co-operation can be. Researching the deep history of covering distance on foot is an ongoing study.

UK Bishops defend the rule of law

Andrew Milroy

The headline “Top UK bishops slam ‘disastrous’ bill” reverberated around the world, making news in the media across the United States and Canada, in India, China, Australia even Korea and Japan. It was global news because the foundation of democracy, the rule of law, was threatened. Britain was proposing to fatally compromise her integrity and reputation […]

King John and Boris John-son: the parallels are uncanny

Andrew Milroy

As Richard Corbett noted in his recent Yorkshire Bylines article – ‘The government’s attack on Magna Carta undermines the foundation of our constitution’ – the iconic Magna Carta is over 800 years old but still has analogies and resemblances to the present day. Boris Johnson himself has many similarities with reputedly the worst king in English […]

International legal body expresses deep concern at actions of UK government

Andrew Milroy

The International Bar Association (IBA) is a worldwide body, founded in 1947. It is the global voice of the legal profession. Bar Associations of lawyers from across the world are members. The IBA investigates national issues of distortion and miscarriage of justice. Respect for the law is a world concern. It was logical therefore that […]