Author: Amy Day

Amy has been living in Dewsbury for the last 20 years raising her three children. A lifetime ago she studied English Literature and Language at the University College of Ripon and York St John. Amy is very active in her small community and is often to be found volunteering in the local primary school. She also runs an informal craft club, which was involved in the making of 162 pairs of scrubs for local care providers. Amy enjoys being creative and spending time with her friends and family. 

Gavin’s labyrinth: a tale of the bewildered

Amy Day

Amy Day looks into how the education secretary’s failings are leading to a confused educational environment for real children. “On the one hand, children are expected to dismantle the English language down into its most basic and technical components. On the other hand, they’re treated as being entirely ignorant of even everyday processes.”

Lockdown battles: painting the blues away

Amy Day

So, if I cannot roller skate around the park then I will navigate this new lockdown with my tiny army by my side. I shall continue to gaze longingly at my skates whilst I paint away my lockdown blues … with a fabulous shade of Warhammer Blue!


Roller skating – it’s not just for kids!

Amy Day

Along came the pandemic … life stopped. Eating biscuits became an Olympic sport. We were all doing our constitutional walks, but in terms of getting my jeans on and buttoned up, walking on its own was never going to cut it …